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XML2Delphi 1.0

XML2Delphi 1.0

XML2Delphi Publisher's Description


What is XML2Delphi?

XML2Delphi is a tool for converting XML Schemas to Delphi Web Services.

As An XML Schema describes the structure of an XML document, it can be used to read and understand the corresponding XML documents. When developing Web Services with Delphi, Delphi has no standard capabilities to use these XML Schema?s for interpreting and reading the XML documents. With XML2Delphi you can now convert any XML Schema into Delphi classes, which can be used in your Delphi Web Service projects to easily read and understand XML documents.

XML2Delphi automates the process of converting XML Schemas into Delphi classes. By doing so XML2Delphi enhances the productivity of developers.

How does XML2Delphi work?
XML2Delphi is very easy to use; it just takes 3 steps to convert any XML Schema to Delphi classes.

Step 1: Selecting the XML Schema
Select your XML Schema by using the File Open button on the toolbar.
  Step 2: Generating Delphi Classes
After opening the XML Schema and having filled in the company name and developer name, you can generate the Delphi classes by using the Generate Delphi Classes button on the toolbar.
  Step 3: Saving the generated Classes
Last but not least the generated classes can be saved by using the Save button on the toolbar. All saved classes can now be added to your Delphi Web Service project and used to easily read all of your corresponding XML documents.
  As you can see it is very easy to use de XML2Delphi tool and saves a lot of time. Within seconds you can convert any XML Schema to Delphi classes.

  XML2Delphi Features
Besides XML2Delphi makes the development of Web Service using Delphi and XML Schemas a lot easier, the tool offers also the following advantages:

  • XML2Delphi can include references to other XML Schemas on the Internet and the local hard disk
  • XML2Delphi implements restrictions on elements and attributes
  • XML2Delphi creates clear and readable Delphi code.
  • XML2Delphi not only creates classes but also create relevant functions.
  • Within seconds you can re-convert updated XML Schemas again and again.

Trial Version
Not yet convinced? The trial version of XML2Delphi offers the same functionality as the full version with two restrictions. First, the tool will not convert XML Schemas containing over 50 nodes. And second, XML2Delphi can only be used for a period of 30 days. Go to our order page for more information.


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